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We Are AirtimeFlip

AirtimeFlip makes it possible for you to convert airtime to cash, Purchase data at cheap price, Topup your airtime and paybills.

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Vision & Mission

AirtimeFlip strives to become an enabler of economic and individual growth. Creating solutions to the problems the masses are faced with daily. To be part of the positive buzz in our industry and country at large.

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Why use our platform?

There's like a million reasons to use airtimeflip but here are 4 of them we really think you should hear.

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Secure and easy-to-use

Our platform is built on the best data security networks with absolute care to make sure your experience is simple and seamless.

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Best and cheapest rates

With airtimeflip you always get the best rates and prices on everything from airtime and data transactions and even your bill payments.

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Wide range of services

For airtime and data we cover all the major networks and for bills we cover an extensive list of providers that’s always expanding.

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Swift service

We have built our platform and business to ensure transactions get completed in the shortest time possible.

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